Symbolics I/O systems
old keyboard
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old mouse

Symbolics Keyboard internals (PN 365407 Rev C)

There are many who would like to use the Symbolics keyboard for lisp and other work on other platforms ... The MacIvory Mac can interface to the Symbolics keyboard via serial ADB (using a Symbolics custom interface box). Enthusiasts build their own PC-to-Symbolics keyboard interface (so they can use the kbd on their PC). I'd love to use one myself (so let me know if we can do a swap). Manuel Odendah was working on a prototype (2004 March), Andreas Bogk (Feb 2005) says Manuel is working on a new version based on the EZ-USB FX2 chip (will be USB interface) see kbdbabel.

Underside of keyboard PCB:

Under some keycaps (a screwdriver is used to press one cap down to show closed contacts):

Keycap enlargement to show contacts:

If goop gets on the gold contact faces, key function can become intermittent or fail. It is easily cleaned.
The Symbolics keyboard is very robust and should last forever.
(see also old-style keyboard keycap internals)

Keyboard cable terminals

New keyboard

Old keyboad
both ends