Console Cable
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The console cable connects the main computer to the console. The console includes the B&W monitor and connects to the keyboard and mouse. The console cable can terminate at the standard B&W monitor and the console interface box (effectively a monitor-less console).

Symbolics 3640 through G-machines to XL1200 systems used a common console cable. There was also a console cable extension system (PN 170318) which used an BNC coax to extend the distance between processor and display (useful to allow main computer to be stored remotely from where work is done). The following photo is of the interior of this wall box (you will see that the cables have been cut).

The female terminal (on processor or terminal box):

The cable ends (pin and side view):

The console cable terminal interface (NBS console bulkhead) board (on all the G-machines series systems):

Console cables come in a variety of lengths.

Earlier console cables and terminal plugs (for 3600 series L-bus machines) were far heavier.
I think they were referred to as "Lemo" cables.
I have an early Lemo extension cable which is huge, an anaconda monster (up in attic, I think about 1" thick).