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Symbolics Lisp computer systems and parts, an inventory of information and supplies from Peter Paine at Abstract Science. It's interactive, evolutionary - you ask, I add material. So do ask for information or pictures if of interest. I'm not a retailer or academic, so feel free to ask or say anything (I promise not to laugh). Think of this as the slowest blog, molasses on ice.
Symbolics systems are computers (a brand of Lisp Machine or lispm) designed to run Lisp which offer the most powerful development environment for object oriented, multi-processing, rapid prototyping, 3D graphics, Intelligent Knowledge Based (Expert) systems, neural networks, modeling, simulation, ANSI standard portable Common Lisp, C, Fortran, ... they were unparalleled for software development in their day (but were perhaps way too far ahead of their time).  
If you are interested in any Symbolics equipment here, for yourself, I expect to accept reasonable offers (that might be free, a beer, or something a bit more substantial if what you want happens to be of much value or hassle for me). But this site is intended more to be a repository of information and an invititation to make contact.
A variety of specifications of hardware is available both for: LISP . & . High performance Lisp and 3D animation graphics Machines available whole or as components (this site also serves as a useful reference of part numbers and specifications): see parts list , also for maintenance, backup, spares, printed documentation, sources/tapes, etc. (eg. you might find a picture of the original useful when you've taken something to pieces and can't remember how to reassemble it). For help on what to get and how, see: how to get your own Symbolics system.
Hobbyist's FAQ
*Photographs* (send me your requests for more pictures)
Configurations notes , specifications
Packing/shipping , dimensions (weight & size) , electric power
  If there is anything here of interest to you, feel free to make me an offer (barter welcomed).
Or just talk about things.
For those unfamiliar with Symbolics Genera, here is a subset of available software.
See also legacy context for my spin on related matters.

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Recent additions: 386 . MacIvory picture . keyboard . NBS Proc . 8MW SLB
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